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Video4Linux Issues.

Von: Christian Maher (m.christian78@optusnet.com.au) [Profil]
Datum: 04.06.2010 20:34
Message-ID: <op.vdsgi9t5yl5yub@zzdjchris-desktop>
Newsgroup: at.linux
I like this newsgroup because it's not cluttered with trash talk, and
"Newb Reqs". Please keep it open.

I'm currently using Ubuntu 10.04 (The latest release), but I'm still
having an issue. The biggest part of this issue, is that it's a "Major"
one, so any feedback would be great.

I've always been a fan of "Video Capture Devices". If you are too, then
you know why. The problem I'm having, I don't know if it's a software
issue (I think it more-than-likely is), or whether my hardware is letting
me down.

I'm using a "WinFast" brand capture card. Under (sorry) Windows it
worked a treat, which makes me think my problem lies with software. The
card works with titles such as "TVtime Television Viewer", and ever
"Cheese Webcam Booth", It's NOT a tuner card, and only has A/V and S-Video
inputs. It has come to my attention while using "Kdenlive" (This is a
title that WILL do what I want, but I just can't get it RIGHT) that it's a
"Video4Linux" Device, so under compatible titles (such as Kdenlive) it
works, but once I start to "Capture", I get what I can only describe as
"Lagging". When a job starts to get some length to it, my sound stays
locked to the stream, but the stream changes from 20-25fps right down to 1
frame every 8-10secs.
Obviously this is no good.

Any Ideas?


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